Other Facilities

Water : Catering to the hygiene and health of the students, water coolers with purifiers are installed in each wing of the school. For uninterrupted water supply of school has 4 big water tanks .

Medical : The school provides medical attention to unwell students. The medical staff periodically carries out medical checkup of all students and maintains records/findings for future references. We also have a well qualified doctor on call. Parents are informed in case the child is advised special medical attention. Free medical aid is provided for minor ailments.

Electricity : The school has power connection of 20KV . There are generator sets-one of 15 KVA, and one of 5 KVA, to provide an un-interrupted power supply. All the classes are equipped with florescent lights in sufficient numbers and air conditioners.

Safety & Security : For the security of the students, many security guards remain alert round the clock. To keep a close watch, ensuring proper security and avoiding any mis-happening in entire school premises, high ranged close circuit cameras are installed at many places –labs, library, playground, corridors, entrance and exits. Keeping in eye the safety measures the high capacity fire extinguishers have been installed at all the major points. Sets of broad, spacious staircases have been constructed in all the buildings showing deep concern of the authorities, for the safety of children and to avoid any kind of mishap like stampede in the school.

Automated Bell System : The school uses fully automatic school bell system that is used to solve the common daily problem of ringing a bell only when required that can be programmed according to the school time table.

Canteen: The school premises have a big, hygienic canteen providing nutritious, delicious snacks for the students. The quality of the edibles is strictly maintained.

Latest News


(All Student/Parents of Baludeeh Mahewaganj Branch Kindly Note) Due to Lok Sabha Election, the School Building has been occupied by the District Administration for staying the Central Forces, so the School shall remain closed from 09-05-2024 to 13-05-2024. It will reopen on 14-05-2024 with its usual timing..


(All Student/Parents of Lakhimpur Branch Kindly Note) Due to Lok Sabha Election, the School shall remain closed on 13-05-2024. It will reopen on 14-05-2024 with its usual timing. Lakhimpur Branch.

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